Jul 14

Synergy performance report

HPE Synergy delivered stronger database performance than Amazon Web Services while keeping sensitive data on premises

Get flexible, robust resources and retain control of uptime

While public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) provide flexible access to resources, they aren’t appropriate for all situations. Some types of data are subject to stringent privacy regulations that eliminate the public cloud as an option. Public cloud services also have reliability limitations. The fixed level of reliability that AWS promises might be lower than your company requires.

HPE Synergy is a solution that can deliver the performance and control you need for both traditional and cloud-native workloads, and resides in your company’s datacenter. Its composable architecture lets companies provision compute, storage, and networking resources via software, providing an experience similar to public cloud services. And, because your data stays in house, Synergy is appropriate for data with strict security requirements. You can also retain greater control over reliability and accessibility than you can with the public cloud.

Performance is critical. To evaluate this on-premises solution against a cloud solution, Principled Technologies set up similarly configured virtual machines using HPE Synergy and AWS. While performing a database workload, the Synergy VMs outperformed the AWS VMs by as much as 91.4 percent.

With HPE Synergy, companies can provide the easy provisioning experience they expect and keep the advantages of an on-site solution. When you add strong performance to the mix, the potential business advantages of the HPE Synergy approach become clear and compelling.

HPE Synergy: The ease of infrastructure as a service with the benefits of a private datacenter

In today’s information economy, success depends on a company’s ability to respond quickly to change. This applies to the datacenter as much as to any other component of a business; the days when a company could afford to spend days or weeks provisioning hardware are long gone. The need to get resources up and running quickly and easily—and shift them quickly and easily to meet changing demands—can motivate employees to seek faster, more effective ways to implement business solutions. This leads many of them to public cloud services.

What if you could get similar speed and agility in house, but add improved performance, security, and features for high availability? Enter HPE Synergy. Its composable infrastructure provides fluid pools of resources that admins control using software instead of having to physically configure hardware. Being able to quickly compose and recompose resources in response to changing needs lets you seize business opportunities in a way that is similar to what public cloud services make possible.

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