Jul 14

Synergy efficiency report

Deploy and manage servers more efficiently with HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy composable infrastructure requires fewer steps and less time than Cisco UCS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has gained enormous popularity because of the ease and speed with which it lets companies deploy and manage compute modules to perform their varied workloads. HPE Synergy facilitates IaaS in your company’s private datacenter—its composable infrastructure provides fluid pools of resources that administrators control using software, letting your company respond to changing business needs with great agility.

Principled Technologies (PT) used HPE Synergy and Cisco® UCS® to execute four typical datacenter deployment and management scenarios. We found that thanks to the HPE Synergy Composer and HPE Synergy Image Streamer,
two key components of the HPE Synergy solution, PT technicians could carry out all four scenarios in less time and fewer steps than they could using the Cisco solution. For two scenarios, the HPE Synergy approach also required fewer tools.

Whether you use it for some of your workloads or all of them, HPE Synergy has the potential to boost the efficiency of your IT staff and the agility of your datacenter—both of which can help your business.

In today’s idea economy, datacenter agility is more important than ever. Successful companies take advantage of improvements to deployment and orchestration technologies, enabling them to provision in just minutes compared to the old way of doing things, which could take days. Being able to rapidly deploy the resources businesses need to support a given workload—and just as easily turn them off when demand wanes—offers many business advantages. HPE Synergy delivers this flexibility.

Its composable infrastructure provides fluid pools of resources that admins control using software instead of having to physically configure hardware.

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